Drawing on glass video projection : ink, fleece, water
[Performance, drawing, reading, cloud manipulation, Cristal bowls, collaboration with Chloé Decaux, Stephanie Cailleaux and Lynn Pook, presented for Météores #2 event with Studio Beluga, Aurel (26) and for Luciole RDV, October 2015, La Sabaudia, Les Échelles (73)]

This performance is built around a very low tech live/animation drawing set up. The drawing is filmed as it is being made and directly projected onto a screen. Poetico-scientific readings, slow manipulation of a cloud like carded fleece, and the sounds of 4 cristal bowls add to the performance.

Cumulus mediocris, or humilis, Stratus nebulosus, Altocumulus lenticularis, morning glory, Cloud is a poetic interpretation of the Cloudhunter Guide from Gavin Pretor-Pinney.

Filmed drawing set up projected onto a screen and fleece cloud manipulation. Photography : Jean-Pierre Dupraz