Can distance be measured in square foots of clean tiles?
Image excerpt from one of the five 10 minute video-performance
Can distance be measured in square foots of clean tiles?
[Audio and video installation : 6 video projections (10min looped), 3 audio soundtracks (6 min looped), wooden toolbox, headphone. Voice: Jean Autin, 91 years old]

Can distance be measured in square foots of clean tiles? is a video and sound installation derived from an immersion process of spending several month in my grand-father’s apartment. Using my body as a measuring tool, I search for my place within this family territory. Through the gesture of washing, I sound out surfaces. The videos translate my body comprehending space and furniture pieces as if it was a cleaning utensil or a measuring tool. Borrowing domestic gestures or objects, through video performance, i am addressing the memory of space, furniture, patterns, to recreate a symbolic link with my grand father.

The sound-scape builds up from a layered accumulation of cloth rubbing on the walls, furniture creaking under my weight, dates and places from my grand-father’s life, words revealing memory loss, and the question of the goal of existence. The words are my grand father’s, edited from a series of interviews between me and him.

These video and sound reminiscence, analogue and digital, always immaterial, are attempts to capture the ungraspable. With the gesture of filming and recording, i surround the subject, explore surfaces, hoping to find a gap leading to the essential, an interstice towards emotion, an opening to dialogue.

Images extracted from one video, the camera is taped onto my arm while I wash every surface (wallpaper, floors, tiles) of my grandfather's apartment. This video piece is looped and projected in large format onto a wall of the gallery space.