In Between Trees
Photo : Ozkan Ay
In Between Trees
[Community project that occured from 2009 to 2011, in Montreeal, in collaboration with Exeko, populare education center CSCS, MAM, Montreal journées de la culture, and more than a hundred of Montreal inhabitants. Environmental installations, participatory workshops, interventions]

Entre 2 arbres is an artistic environmental installation focusing on creative community engagement that invents the siesta day, offers hamac making workshops, siesta raids, and sets up a “hamacothèque”, a hammock lending system. Based on an relational artistic practice this project brings together in-situ intervention, popular education and contemporary art. It is the fruit of a collaboration between Johanna Autin and the non-profit organizations EXEKO, Écobrico, Montreal Art Materials and Comité Social Centre Sud.

Offering a resting time to the viewer, Entre 2 arbres addresses the notions of activity, productivity and stress inherent to our overactive era. Hammocks, symbols of houses, become a community when installed as a forest. When set up between trees, they embody the interdependency between humans and their environment. Nomadic, they leave no traces behind. The hammocks become in turns objects of the encounter between citizens and the forest, learning material for sewing workshops, as well as a passage from daily-life to dreams.