Pixels Sheep
Live Installation, sheep flock, red-green-blue textile coats, Outdoor Contemporary Art Exhibition - Polyculture 2015. Photo: Lynn Pook
Pixels Sheep (also known as Colored Fields)
[Live installation for a sheep flock realized in collaboration with the artist Lynn Pook and the partnership of the livestock farmer Isabelle Janin and her sheep flock for Polyculture Outdoor Contemporary Art Biennial 2015 (42) France)]

Have you ever watched the choreography of a sheep flock overflowing the mountain landscape ?

Dressing-up the sheep with red, green and blue coats to turn them into pixels, and then use them as colored material to create a landscape scale TV, is a bizarre idea.

We wanted to work with image at a large scale, and make a link between the history of light image while implying and element of rural France that is becoming rare : sheep flocks are a living reminiscence of pre-industrial agriculture. This was also the desire to put in parallel the artistic production and the livestock production. Borrowing observation and manipulation gestures to sheep raising we integrate them into the creation process of a moving image.

With this live cinetic piece « Pixel Sheep », we invite the viewer to bear a different look on our rural landscapes. Transferring the concept of a TV image to the scale of a landscape we offer an analogue trick to recreate the pixel, and refocus our gaze on the life surrounding us.

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Live Installation, Outdoor Contemporary Art Exhibition - Polyculture 2015. Photos: Lynn Pook