Research through immersing

My installations or performances are the fruit of an engaging field research process. I have a kinesthetic approach to work and space and I use physical labor to steep in a context, its spaces and its atmospheres. I investigate a subject, a space or a context on a day to day basis, to harvest gestures, material, images or sounds. I use Interviewing to understand issues related to those realities. I often transform these interviews into sound textures or monologues, which add an immersive dimension to my installations. I work site-specifically, for inside architectures or outdoor landscapes.

It has been several years that I am interested in the farming context, in the contact points between art and agriculture. What is at stake today in terms of landscape, imaginary, gestures and relationship to the living? I particularly want to understand the culture that is shared by humans and cattle animals today. Are these animals only a source of protein for us? What do they bring to our humanness?

I borrow or transform raw farming materials – such as sheep wool, beeswax, leather, big-bags, sheep flocks, working actions – to question our relationship to the living and to food production.