Goat portrait, blind contour drawing
2016 - 2022
[Installation, sound, horns, goat cranes, leather, drawings 2016 – 2022]

«Goats», was built from periods of creation in immersion in goat farms from Drôme and Ardêche, in the French Alps, going into the farms to meet farmers, goats, and their territories, with the french Choréograper Amandine Dorel from Le Cri de la Fourmi Compagny in 2016 – 2017.

This creative process was a collaboration between sculpture and danse. Sharing our exeriences and understandings of agriculture, our ways of looking at animals. Working in parallel on our disciplins, and borowwing each other's medium. This process gave form to a danse show "La Chèvre et le Chou" for one part and for an other part it became an exhibition Goats.

Supergoat, Costume made of leather, goat skins, horns and plastic, Danse : Amandine Dorel || Mammals : Drawing, color crayons || Detail : Goat coat, goat skins.