Mise à Sac
Digital print. Actor: Brice Lagenèbre - Photo: Julie Romeuf - Direction/costume: Johanna Autin
Mise à Sac
[Series of 6 digital prints, grocery shop plastic bags costumes]

Nourished from slow processes of workmanship borrowed from textile techniques, I transform the reality of public spaces, daily gestures, social roles, so as to lead the viewer to reflect on notions of society, identity and connection.

The costumes sewn from grocery plastic bags transform industrial packaging into garments, and therefore garments into packaging, and the body into a merchandise. Here garment metaphorically questions ou relationship to the body and its place within our society. This series of six photographic compositions binds notions of frantic consumption, appearances, identity. It draws our attention to over consumerism and its relation to emotional affects, empty plastic bags reflecting their wearer’s emotional emptiness. These costumed characters question the merchandisation of the contemporary person and directly ask the question of happiness.

Digital print. Actors: Julie Lefebvre, Pierre-Luc Feschet - Photo: Julie Romeuf - Direction/costume: Johanna Autin