Of Fibres and Protein
Installation view (5m x 3m x 2m) from the show at Diagonal Artist Run Center : Felted wool, bees wax, 5 video projections, 5 soundtracks edited from interviews, milk tetra-packs, 20lb containers, PVC milk crates. Photos : Chloé Charbonnier
Of Fibres and Protein
[Immersive, sculptural, audio-visual installation (5m x 3m x 2m), Solo Exhibition at the Artist Run Center Diagonale, Montreal, Canada]

With Of Fibres and Protein, I am interested in the contact points between humans and sheep, in the common culture that humans and cattle animals build together. My research and creation process evolved over a year-long cycle of farming, alternating periods of studio work in Montreal with periods of on-site research on a small-scale biological farm in the French Alps.

By engaging in this farm’s activities, I immersed myself in the day-to-day lives of sheep farmers. I cultivated relationships of trust, learning and exchange around a material in which we all shared a common interest: wool. In this installation, I address the question of wool production through the notion of transformation. As such, harvesting and experimenting transform themselves into matter, while sound and video transform into space/site, becoming an experience for the viewer. It is also a question of transforming documentary material into the illusory space of an installation, of transforming surface (felt) into volume, and volume (containers) into structure. By using felting techniques, I form woolen mountain landscapes inhabited by a herd of miniature sheep made of wax and fat. Through the combination of different scales, from the miniature sheep to the miniature yet nonetheless engulfing landscape, I place viewers in a position of constant change. This allows them to engage in a conceptual, imaginary and sensory back-and-forth between fiction and reality.

Installation detail : video projection on 20lb Containers and milk tetra-packs