Color Rhythm
Installation view for the Wanderlust exhibition at the Canadian Textile Museum
2010 – 2011
Color Rhythm
[Audio and video gallery installation, 3 channel video synchronized onto 1 audio piece, 9min loop. Collaboration with the artists Sarah Gotwoka and Carissa Carman, presented for the Wanderlust exhibition at the Canadian Textile Museum, Toronto, 2012.]

During one growing season, the Color Collective has grown and harvested plants for natural dying processes, cultivating by hand with the absence of machinery, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.

This invested research and appropriation of ancient knowledge resulted in Color Rhythm, a 3 channel immersive video and sound installation that captures the repetitive rhythm surrounding the repetition of daily actions and a sound-scape that builds off of their rhythmic relationship to land and process. The repetitive gestures of sowing seeds, slicing stalks, grinding leaves and stirring vats are projected onto three walls. Each channel differs in tempo and distance, ranging from the intimate details of worn hands chopping indigo to a panoramic view of a buckwheat harvest. The layers accumulate into beat, rhythms transforming the architecture of the galerie into a sonorous space.

Color Rhythm extends beyond mere documentation. With this installation we became interested in the translation of color through the digital screen; what happened when color shifted from the material into the immaterial? Footage of large dye vats bubbling, homemade tools clanking in buckets, the graceful snapping of hundreds of marigold flowers integrate rhythm with labor to examine the ritual surrounding the cultivation of color. The moving images translate the site and actions from an agricultural plain into a sensory exploration of a gallery enveloped by Color Rhythm.

Panoramic Strips excerpt from the synchronized videos