Hand Delivery / Study of Moving
Image excerpt from the video performance : Mattress Move
Hand Delivery / Study of Moving
[Video performances, collaboration between Carissa Carman and Johanna Autin]

Our form of art is the creation of absurd situations that questions the limits between imaginary and reality. The body as form, the social choreography as architecture, we move through public space playfully, challenging the role of the viewer as both participant and customer.

We address the notion of need, work, physical labor, femininity, reality and time through a process of curating performative actions within both daily and staged situations. These situations create moments. These moments become interventions taking place outside, in art spaces, on farms, in tents, shelters, barges or parks. The combination of familiar places, poetic movement and orchestrations begins to questions the limits amongst real and staged.

With Hand Delivery, we seek to reveal and provoke moments of poetry, or absurdity, small grains in the well greased gears of normalized urban timing. This poetry is defined once the circumstance of action intersects time, space and negotiation. It is for such moments that the collaboration begins, in a dense urban or rural environment it thrives to exist. Two bodies and 2 minds, bilingual, with varying degrees of strength and negotiation skills, evoke finding grace in conversation and body rhythms of improvisation.

Image excerpt from the video performance : Log and Move